Under The Guise (A Collaborative Album of Musicians Forgotten Works)

3. Under The Guise (A Collaborative Album Highlighting Artists Forgotten Works) - Compilation Album - Collaborative Album - Open For Submission - OlIO Music & Art - A NY Based Art Collective

Were happy to introduce and invite anyone to our newest project, Under the Guise. Under the Guise is a collective album of musicians "junk", trash, and forgotten works, namely, works that these musicians have been too afraid to let out into the world.

The album is not bound to any specific genre or style - we are open to hearing anything and everything. Along with this, all the works are linked by the cloak of anonymity - meaning no listener will know which artist wrote each song. We've done this to remove any fear or embarrassment on the artist and musicians ends. 

To submit: email your tracks to oliomusicandart@gmail.com for consideration.

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