Born amidst the vast Texan plains, Nicole Geller's artistic journey is an ode to old-school Americana. With an infatuation for vintage treasures and the eerie charm of classic horror films, her inspiration runs deep. The vast expanses of the desert, ghost towns frozen in time, and sunburned cinematic frames of old-world movies depicting the American southwest often find their way into her work.

However, it's not just the sun-scorched vistas of Texas that beckon to Nicole. The dreamy haze of California, with its play of orange and pink reflections against the backdrop of coastal mountains, has often whispered tales of nostalgic yearnings. It's as if these hues capture the subconscious longings of many, offering a mirage that teeters between romanticization and reality.

The bustling energy of New York and the laid-back vibes of Los Angeles play a pivotal role in Nicole's recent artistry. This urban juxtaposition prompts her to delve into her lineage—of great-grandparents who tilled the soils of upstate New York and Texan farmlands. With every stroke and color, Nicole embarks on a journey backward, unearthing stories from the past and glimpses of a life once led.

At the heart of Nicole Geller's art, you'll find echoes of history, hints of bygone eras, and a dance between the country's vastness and its bustling streets. It's a beautiful exploration of legacy, space, and the timeless allure of Americana.