Takazawa Candle

Takazawa Candle - Premium Japanese Candlemaker Since 1892

Takazawa Candle creates traditional Japanese candles called "Wa-Rousoku," which are made from natural waxes. They established their candle-making business back in 1892 in the city of Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture. 

The candles are made using a number of different waxes that derive from plant-based raw materials; fruits of the Sumac Tree, Rice Bran, Canola Flower Oil, and fruits of Urushi tree. When the candles are put out, they release less unpleasant odor thanks to the plant-based waxes.

The flame of Takazawa candles are bigger and brighter. This is because the structure of the traditional wick which is thicker than most other candles.  

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