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Toshio Saeki

Fièvres Nocturnes by Toshio Saeki

Fièvres Nocturnes by Toshio Saeki

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A cult artist, Toshio Saeki revolutionized a unique style of art within the ero guro genre—also known as "erotic-grotesque scenes." Originating from classic Japanese drawing and attributed to writer Edogawa Ranpo, ero guro blends eroticism and grotesque imagery, portraying monsters and nightmarish scenes throughout history. Saeki infused traditional motifs with his own obsessions, reflecting the anxieties of 1970s Japanese youth who sought liberation from a paternalistic society but faced disillusionment.

Saeki's work explores society's violence and flaws, creating scenes that evoke fear and laughter by pushing the boundaries of fantasy. His art, rooted in macabre poetry, transcends reality through dreamlike sadomasochism. Constrained by Japan's censorship laws, which prohibit explicit sexual depictions, Saeki turned restrictions into artistic challenges, infusing absurdity and surrealism into his work. His precise style, reminiscent of Hergé and Joost Swarte's "clear line," appears exotic to both Japanese and Western audiences, highlighting the originality of his extravagant illustrations.

This second volume of the anthology, following "Rêve écarlate," compiles illustrations published between 1972 and 1974 in the magazine SM Selecto. Saeki's work remains a testament to his lifelong dedication to capturing the vivid imagery from his imagination

PLEASE NOTE: this illustration book has a preface translated into three languages ​​(French, English and Japanese)

  • Published by Cornelius
  • 208 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • 10" × 7" × 1" in
  • Language: French