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Bruce Gilden

Facing New York by Bruce Gilden

Facing New York by Bruce Gilden

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Originally published in 1992 by Cornerhouse Publications, the imprint of the Manchester Film & Visual Arts Centre of which Dewi Lewis was Founding Director, Facing New York was Bruce Gilden's first major publication. It has since become a recognised classic but has been out of print for some time. For this new edition Bruce has replaced two images, of which he says that he just can't understand why they didn't make his original selection.

Bruce Gilden has always had a fascination with what he calls ‘characters’. So, for Bruce, New York, with its famously idiosyncratic citizenry and the unique energy of its streets, proved to be a giant creative playground. Facing New York sees Bruce and his camera at their highest level of intensity, capturing New Yorkers in moments of utter spontaneity yet still exposing the humanity that lies behind their hardened exteriors.

Bruce Gilden, has exhibited widely around the world, and received numerous awards. What sets him apart from most other photographers is his ability to see and capture the essence of a character, a place or a moment. Bruce Gilden joined Magnum Photos in 1998. He now lives in New York State.

  • 10 x 13.5 in
  • 92 pages
  • Hardcover with a Jacket
  • Published By Dewi Lewis